DWI and Vehicular or Negligent Homicide

Driving while intoxicated is a serious enough offense. It carries quite a stigma and the penalties for DWI seem to increase each year. A conviction can jeopardize your driving privileges and plague your record for years. However, if at the same time a person is also involved in a fatal accident, he or she will likely face felony charges of vehicular homicide or negligent homicide. These cases become more serious, more emotional and more taxing on everyone involved.

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Charged with DWI or Vehicular Homicide? I Can Help.

A competent attorney can help by being objective, by evaluating the technical and scientific evidence, and by handling properly and efficiently all of the associated factors, including civil suits, insurance issues and adverse media coverage. I am Attorney Fred T. Crifasi, and my experience in this area is invaluable. I have successfully represented many individuals facing criminal charges and have reached favorable conclusions through effective trial preparations and common sense negotiations.

Rigorous Defense Against Negligent Homicide Charges

When alcohol or drugs are not suspected, a driver deemed at fault in a fatal accident is often charged with negligent homicide. From truck drivers to commuting students, anyone who drives long enough is at risk of such an accident. Generally, the prosecution must prove that the actions of the defendant amounted to a gross deviation from a normal standard of care. These cases have the tendency to allow emotions to sometimes consume the parties. Objectivity, technical analysis and sympathy must be balanced to effectively handle such circumstances.

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