Baton Rouge Federal White Collar Crime Lawyer

The first time you realize you are being investigated by federal authorities may be when you receive a letter from the United States Attorney's office. Or, you may receive a subpoena to appear before a Grand Jury. This letter may or may not advise you of your status in the case. More often than not, a person simply receives a phone call or a personal visit from an investigator from the FBI, DEA, EPA, IRS or some other federal agency.

Responding appropriately from the very outset and throughout the proceeding is crucial. A person in this predicament is best equipped with the benefit and advice of experienced counsel. The old saying about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure has never been more applicable.

Aggressive White Collar Crime Defense in Greater Baton Rouge

I am attorney Fred T. Crifasi, and my experience in Federal Courts has given me the opportunity to handle a variety of white collar crime cases, including:

  • Fraud: wire fraud, mail fraud, Social Security fraud, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud and more
  • Representation of witnesses, subjects and targets of Grand Jury Investigations
  • Racketeering charges brought under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)
  • Money laundering
  • Public bribery and corruption matters
  • Criminal environmental cases involving Clean Air and Clean Water Acts
  • Internet and computer related investigations including illegal pornography
  • Corporate and individual tax related issues

My most successful conclusions of any of these matters were the result of my early contact with the client, continuous and candid communications between us, and my prompt and thorough defense investigation. Whether the case was dismissed, went to trial or was negotiated, these three elements are indispensable to obtaining the most favorable possible outcome.

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To discuss any federal white collar crime issue, feel free to call me — Fred T. Crifasi — at 225-334-8057. I will usually require an initial meeting of at least two hours. While you can make an initial contact by email, I would rather discuss your case in person.