When an individual is under investigation for fraud, it is often in connection with another form of white collar crime. The individual may face several counts of fraud. If convicted, he or she could be sentenced to federal prison along with facing other penalties.

If you are under investigation for fraud or have reason to believe you will soon be investigated, it is critical that you speak with a Baton Rouge fraud defense attorney as soon as possible. Fred T. Crifasi can take action early on in the process to protect your rights at every stage. Contact Fred T. Crifasi Attorney at Law now to schedule a free initial consultation.

Accused Of Fraud? Do Not Wait To Get Help From A Defense Lawyer.

Fred Crifasi has more than two decades of experience in federal courts defending those charged with the following:

  • Check fraud
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft
  • Health care fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Social Security fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Wire fraud

Leveling the Playing Field in Baton Rouge Fraud Cases

When your prompt contact with Mr. Crifasi is coupled with his prompt and thorough investigation of the charges against you, the playing field between you and the prosecution is leveled. Additionally, Mr. Crifasi will maintain constant, continuous and candid communications with you throughout your case. Whether working to have the case dismissed, protecting your rights at trial or negotiating on your behalf, rest assured Mr. Crifasi will seek the most favorable outcome.

Not only will Mr. Crifasi do everything he can to help you avoid criminal consequences, including but not limited to jail time; he will also work to protect your business reputation, status in the community and family privacy.

Looking For Experienced Defense To Protect Your Rights? Contact Fred T. Crifasi Today.

To discuss any fraud-related issue, call Fred T. Crifasi at 225-334-8057. You can also contact him online, but no advice will be sent to you via email. Mr. Crifasi advises scheduling a free initial consultation to meet him in person.