Sexual Offenses

Cases involving sexual assault or abuse are very difficult for both sides of the matter. Of course, if the allegation is legitimate, the victim has already suffered horribly and will continue to suffer. Added to this is the prospect of enduring legal proceedings, possibly testifying in a public forum and submitting to the scrutiny of defense counsel, the Court and a jury.

On the other hand, to become a defendant in such a case involving false allegations is perhaps the most difficult thing for any person to experience. Just the accusation tends to taint the impression that others have of the accused. While the law dictates that our citizens are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, this concept seems to be ignored in cases of sex abuse, particularly when the alleged victim is a juvenile.

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Effectively Handling the Delicate Nature of Sex Offense Allegations

The circumstances giving rise to sex offense allegations are often telling. Courts understand the viciousness of custody proceedings and understand the concept of parental alienation. Courts are also familiar with unscrupulous parties using sex crime allegations to gain a favorable posture in pending litigation.

Often physical evidence is not available. Credibility of the witnesses and other parties become the measuring stick of the case. Child witnesses present a delicate challenge to counsel for both sides.

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Experience Is Invaluable in This Difficult Area of Criminal Law

My experience in this field includes representing victims in civil suits in the successful pursuit of recovery of damages, and I have also successfully represented the accused in civil cases.

In criminal cases I most often represent the accused. Sex crime cases involve factors not present in most criminal law cases, and only through experience can an attorney anticipate and properly address the crucial requirements of investigating and exploring the unique elements necessarily involved.

My clients have included ministers, priests, teachers, doctors, and law enforcement officials, as well as family members of the complainant, and I represent clients throughout Greater Baton Rouge, including Livingston and Gonzales.

You Deserve Strong and Effective Representation

In criminal cases, I have sometimes worked as a victim's rights advocate, serving as a liaison between the victim and the prosecuting authorities and the Court. This process helps familiarize the victim with the procedures they can expect and to provide an efficient channel of communication with all other counsel and interested parties. In most parishes, the office of the District Attorney will also provide such a service.

Regardless of whether you are a victim or an accused, you deserve to have your case handled with dignity and effectively. My experience on both sides of these cases allows me to provide such service to those that call on me. It would be my pleasure to consult with you in a completely confidential manner and to advise you of the most appropriate course of action and to provide aggressive representation throughout the entirety of the proceedings.

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